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"We have been using this new therapy for some time now in our hospital, for the treatment of tendon and ligament injuries - especially for highly loaded sports horses.
But also during tournaments, such as the Olympics , the device is a valuable aid"

Dr. Ugo Carrozzo
Clinica Equina San Biagio, ISELP certified, FEI Official Veterinarian

"The low-frequency ultrasound
produced by EQtherapy accelerates the absorption of edema and hematoma significantly , pain is relieved already during the treatment ."

Dr. Lies Adriaenssen
Horse clinic EQUITOM, Belgium

"Working with several veterinarians I have been using the EQultrasound to treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal and lameness disorders. I have been very pleased with the repeatable results and it has become an integral part of what I do.
The manufacturer provides great technical support."

Janus Marquis
Equine Physiotherapist of the United States Show Jumping Team

"We have seen excellent results in both acute and chronic conditions as a stand alone therapy. EQultrasound is one of the most effective therapeutic devices we have ever used. It is totally painless and excellent when used as an adjunct therapy, enhancing effectiveness of Shock Wave Therapy, Cold and Hot Laser protocols"

Dr. Alex Rey DVM, MS – Rey & Associates Sports Medicine – USA

"We currently use EQsport preventive for many of our horses and also after my collarbone injury, the therapy has been a big help to become painfree and stable very
quickly !"

Emanuele Gaudiano
Winner LGCT Monaco 2016, Olympic rider 2016, Italy

"I am so impressed by the EQultrasound! It has helped resolve problems that vets had said we couldn’t make better. I use it mainly to support my high level dressage horses; they are moving better and seem to be very happy with it. I highly recommend this product!"

Dr. Cesar Parra
Olympic dressage rider and owner of Piaffe Performance Farm




"My first contact with EQultrasound was during the Derby in Hamburg. We used it for my back and also the back of my horse with great results! Now it is part of our stable management. "

Henrik Lanner
Olympic show jumper, three times Swedish champion




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